So here’s what happened:

I was upstairs laying in bed watching some episodes of a show that I bought on the Playstation Network. It’s around 5:00 a.m. and typically all I hear are birds chirping and the sound of my mom getting ready for work. But as I was laying there, playing Clash of Clans, I heard a distinct sound: the gobble of a wild turkey.

Without a moment of hesitation I sprang to my feet and leaped down the stairs, grabbing my camera along the way, and quietly opened the back porch door. I tiptoed across the deck and through the lens of my camera searched the landscape of trees around my neighbors homes.

Let me be clear, this isn’t the first time I’ve come close to getting a picture of a turkey in our backyard. One casually walked through our backyard one Sunday night, causing me to look up and exclaim “oh shit, a turkey!” But, in that experience, people in my home rushed to the back door to see the turkey and spooked him before I could get a clear shot. That time, all I got was this:


The little ran off so fast I couldn't get a clear shot. All I could get was the top of his head.

The little ran off so fast I couldn’t get a clear shot. All I could get was the top of his head.

Ever since, each time I have looked up from my computer, I have hoped to see one of these birds grazing in our backyard.

Going back to today: I was standing in our backyard, barefoot, looking at the trees at 5:00 a.m. and it hit me. I might be legitimately insane. I might be a character in a 19th century book who unravels at the constant torments of a once-real, now-fictional character. Resigned and realizing that isn’t who I wanted to be I turned around to go inside. But the second I turned around, the instant my eyes relented and fixated on the back door, the turkey gobbled again.

Turkey 2, Nick 0.


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