I’m missing working with playwriting and I really want to continue the Diaries theme that I was working. So I started a new chapter and am calling it “The Diaries of Hailey Harrison: While we were gone”. I’ve got my first scene one and the first little bit of scene two worked out. Take a look.

Note: The formatting is a little off in the paste from Word.

“The Diaries of Hailey Harrison: While we were gone”



Hailey Harrison         Female


Adam Baxter             Male


Anna Adams              Female


Waitress                Female




In Florida:



A Diner:



The diner resembles a common Dennys or Ihop aesthetic. Stage left houses the checkout counter and off stage right is the kitchen. Booths or tables should line the stage and Adam and Anna should sit as close to the kitchen as possible.





Middle morning, October.



Scene One


Setting: Curtain


At Rise: Curtain does not rise. HAILEY walks to center stage from behind the curtain. She comes out from behind the curtain and addresses the audience.



After it all happened and after the snow started to fall we started to really talk. I told Adam all of our stories and Adam, he told me his – the ones I never really knew. The ones that happened before we met and the ones that happened while we were apart. He always goes back to a conversation with Anna at a diner and says that is where he really learned about love.


Only Adam can say he really learned about love next to bacon and sausage.


HAILEY walks off stage.


Scene Two


Setting: Diner


At Rise: ADAM and ANNA enter stage left. They look around, notice a sign saying seat “yourselves” and walk to a booth and sit down.



Ok, so, there are four running jokes in my family.


ADAM (playing with the salt shaker)



I don’t know if they are jokes in the traditional “ha ha” sense of jokes, but they are topics that our conversations always fall back to.


The WAITRESS comes over to the table.



What can I get ya?




Bacon and eggs with a side of sausage. A large OJ too.



Cool. And you?



Huevos Rancheros. Can you do the salsa on the side?





Are they really Huevos Rancheros if the Salsa is on the side?



Every time.


WAITRESS (Smiling)

No, but we can make it like that. Coffee?



Yes, please.


The WAITRESS walks into the kitchen.



Where was I?


ADAM (building a castle with packets on the table)

The running jokes in your family.



I swear you’re a five year old masquerading as a 25 year old.



Tell your story.

(Looks up from his packet building)

Stupid head.



They revolve around my family’s nationality, my dad’s feet, my mother’s inadvertent racism and death.


ADAM (Intrigued, cleaning up his mess)

Death is a running joke in your family?



Death is a running joke in every family, if you ask me.



That’s not morose at all.



Think about it. We are getting to the age where our parents, grandparents or just other people in our lives know someone who is dying. There was a period in my family where it seemed like every other week someone was flat lining (Adam laughs). We we’re talking about it so often that it was getting to the point where it was really morose and draining. But one day someone brought it up and I just looked at my clock and said “7:00 p.m. first instance of death in our house” and we all just broke out in laughter.



It was cathartic.


ANNA (excited, bangs her hands on the table)

It was totally cathartic!

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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