I haven’t done a review in quite a bit of time. Once I hit a lull in all of the Oscar reviews I kind of just stopped doing those types of posts. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching new flicks (or the same five sit-coms on Netflix). I’ve watched some things I really liked and didn’t really care for. Lets do a run down:

(FYI: Clips or language used to describe the show – or even my opinions on the show – may not be for everyone)

The first three episodes of Girls:

I finally bit the bullet and bought an episode of Girls on my Playstation network. And because the PSN only accepts $5:00 installments I bought the first three episodes of the HBO show. My initial response to my first viewing of the show: It feels a lot like Sex and the City – just a different timeline, age range and social standing. Maybe that’s a biased opinion because I’ve read reviews and have been, like everyone else, constantly inundated with claims of how great the show is or what it is kind of like (i.e. Sex and the City). If I can say anything about the first three episodes: I really want to punch Adam, I want to yell at Hannah and Marnie, and I would do anything to get with Jessa. So good job evoking those feelings, show.

The first three seasons of Game of Thrones:

Notice the shift there? Three episodes versus three seasons. Frankly, I’m really pissed I don’t have HBO. It’s incredible hard to watch episode recaps appear on my feed and no I can’t read them because I don’t want to deal with the spoilers (although, in hindsight, I had no chance of not seeing what was going to happen with the purple wedding. A very fuck you to the internet on that one).

I don’t know why it took me so long to actually watch this show. I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s like my eight grade wet dream. I was always the kid reading stories about knights, dragons and magic – and then proceeding to write my own versions of those stories for my own amusement. I mean, in some respects, my experience with literature mirrors the show somewhat (I’m big on medieval culture) – I guess it could be said that I like the show so much because it mirrors alot of what I know in that regard. If you like Knights, Dragons, Magic, Naked People and copious amounts of violence (who doesn’t) then you will love this show. Go watch it. Just one episode. You’ll get hooked.

Anchorman 2:

Before I write what I’m going to write, let me say this: I loved the first Anchorman. I own it on DVD and Blue Ray (and that was before DVD’s came in Blue Rays, so that matters). It’s one of the movies that I can go back to when I am bored or just need a laugh-to-make-me-feel-better flick. All of that being said, Anchorman 2 was just ehhh for me. There were some parts that were legitimately funny (like the battle scene) and there were some parts that felt tired and played out (like the battle scene). I think the first Anchorman was so fresh that it hit from a totally unique angle. Anchorman 2 felt like watching That 80’s Show after That 70’s Show ended.

Saving Mr. Banks.

This movie was so freaking sad. Is it just me? I do not want to associate Mary Poppins with this new memory from now on. I didn’t expect this movie when I rented it. The trailer was so upbeat and joyful and then, when you sit down to watch it, the film is 40 percent flashbacks to a relatively speaking, troubling childhood. I liked the catharsis of the ending – that was nice – but it took so long to get there. I typically love Disney movies. I’m that guy. But this movie leaves me feeling so conflicted because it is just so different than how it was marketed to be (plus I wanted more of the actual Mary Poppins. We wait the entirety of the movie to see her and then she’s in like three scenes). I’d say it’s worth a watch if you really like old Disney and want to relive memories for a little bit – but just be warned that you will be sad at the end of the film.


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