Today’s daily prompt is about reflecting on something in your life you took a chance on and how it worked out for you. Whenever I think about the chances I have taken in my life, my internship with Walt Disney World jumps into the forefront.

I don’t want to say I was in a bad place in my life prior to Disney. It sounds too dramatic. There were plenty of other people in the world going through harder things than I was at that time. I was more at a cross roads than I was anything else. I knew the next steps I took would affect me for some time to come.

Prior to Disney I had been kicked out of University for the second time. I couldn’t go back for a year – If I ever figured a way to go back at all. People were questioning me. Who was I? Where was I going? One person close to me asked if college was something I was really meant to do. Those words have always stayed in my head.

Prior to Disney I was trying to salvage my academic career at the local community college. I didn’t have enough money for books. I’d walk into the bookstore with my phone and take pictures of pages so I could do my homework. I was holding on to every last thread of a chance that I had. All I needed was an opportunity.

I’ve written about how I came across the internship a couple of times. I was just walking by the cafeteria at the community college and they were having an information session. I poked my head in and it all snowballed from there. Two months later and I got the packet saying yes.

I rationalized the idea of an internship in Walt Disney World to everyone it affected. To my parents I said I needed a new start, that it would look good on a resume. To my roommates I said I would be back and that I would help out with rent from far away. The fact of the matter is I just wanted to do it. I needed a change. I needed a new me. I needed to be alone, on my own, and find myself again. I do the best when I am in that situation.

I could write about every little memory from Disney but the crux of the matter is Disney helped me reconstruct my work ethic and develop a sense of self. I grew to know who I was and what I wanted to stand for. That has helped me so much since then.

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