Today’s Daily Post prompt is strikingly similar to one from about a month ago. I’m just going to reblog that one.

The Bohemian Rock Star's "Untitled Project"

Blue Magic Can

Make me be who I am.

Let my words stand.

Put energy in my hands.

Blue Magic Can

Create Chaos in my brain

Free my thoughts from strain

Unleash havoc in this plain.

Blue Magic Can,

make me feel like

I’m not a fraud.

Give me words from God.

Blue Magic Can

this is our last stand.

We need to write words with passion

to get some satisfaction.

Blue Magic Can

give me cause for structure.

Free verse is not on train

at the next juncture.

Blue Magic Can I don’t know how to end you.

You are the one that knows what I go through.


This was a reactionary response written for the 3/15/14 daily prompt. Read what these people wrote:

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