I was 16 eleven years ago. I didn’t have a beard. I still loved Shakespeare and football. I can’t remember anything else. Is that bad? Should I be able to recall ever detail of high school? Should it matter that much?

Here are 16 things I  remember about being 16:

  1. I didn’t care as much as everyone else did about having a car.
  2. I got my first car (Geo Tracker).
  3. I was skinny for the first time in my life.
  4. I was big on eating right.
  5. I only cared about football.
  6. I was beginning to realize English was my best subject.
  7. I was more religious then I am now.
  8. I planned on staying in the northeast for college.
  9. I got my first real job (sales associate at a sporting goods store).
  10. I spent a lot of money at said store.
  11. I started to develop a hatred for Math.
  12. I may have went to my first Patriots training camp (to watch).
  13. I loved trying to be different.
  14. I realized I wanted to do things I cared about more than making money.
  15. I moved upstairs.
  16. I was a better singer than I am now.

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