(Side note: before I say what I want to say: I’ve been ducking and dodging this prompt for a couple of days because I have had no clue what I actually wanted to do. I’m sitting at the computer right now, conflicted, humming “If I were a rich man, dadadada dadadada dadadadadadada” over and over. Why that’s important, I don’t know. I just felt you should know where my head is at regarding this piece).

I have no freaking clue what I would do given this time machine chance. My first instinct is to go the whole romantic comedy route; find the girl, get the girl and live happily ever after. But that doesn’t work because whenever I think about that I think about Ashton Kutcher’s abortion, otherwise known as “The Butterfly Effect“, and I get freaked out about what would happen to the other people in my life if I were to go back in time and make my life awesome.

At that point I start thinking about what it would be like to just go back in time and talk to some of my favorite people. But then I think about “Midnight in Paris” and I just know I would fall in with whatever Marrion Cotillard looking muse of some famous dude and spend all of my time in 1928 pining after her. So that’s out of the question.

It could be cool to go back in time to watch a sporting event live but that would never work. I’d have to buy tickets. If I just got this new time machine wouldn’t I be financially strapped? And I know what you’re saying “why not just transport somewhere inside the stadium?” But what’s going to happen when I transport into a dense crowd of people out of thin air? Don’t you think that is going to freak people out? The odds are I would get apprehended by the government and forced to explain where I got my time machine and how it works. I wouldn’t know how to do that, I just bought the thing. Think it out.

The last thing I could potentially do with this is travel into the future, learn new things, and come back and do all the stuff before anyone else can, making me millions upon millions of dollars in the process (otherwise known as a “Back to the Future 2“). But that wouldn’t work. I don’t want to turn into Biff. No one wants to be Biff.

I have no clue what I would do if I had a time machine. The odds are I would not be able to resist the temptation of doing any of the above things and subsequently do them all. But if I have to pick one right now I would probably resign from voting. The moral/ethical fall out is just too big for my blood.

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