The title kind of says it all, right?

(I somehow think there is going to be a lot of these types of posts for this prompt).

Math does not = me. We do not get along. I took Algebra thrice times at UNM before realizing I could take a survey class to fulfill my math requirement and once that was done I was, how the kids say, out that bitch. I never stepped into a math class ever again. I’m sure part of it, while at UNM, could be traced back to work ethic and attention to detail. Had I concentrated more I surely would have passed. There was (still is) something about when numbers become letters that messed me up.

I wish I had a better story than that. I don’t have a pure, unadulterated hatred of the subject much anymore (although it surely is not my cup of tee). If my parents have a quick math problem they use me before using a calculator, so that says something. But, since I have my choice, I’m sticking with words. I like words.

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