We just did an exercise in my playwriting class about character back story and had to create questions that would reveal insights to those people. Here’s what I came up with:

My Questions:

  1. When was the last time they ate?

    Hunger drives motivation.

  2. What’s their Kryptonite?

    What can take a person down can tell a lot about what builds them up.

  3. How would they sign their name?

    Personally, when I am in different situations I sign my name in different ways. I think it mirrors self perception.

  4. How many beers would it take them to sing a karaoke version of “We didn’t start the fire”?

    Speaks loads about their personality and how they exist in social situations.

  5. What’s in their Google search history?

    What they search for is what they want, obviously.

  6. How long do they read Buzzfeed articles?

    Intellectual stamina or something.

  7. Would they run away from wherever they are if given the opportunity?

    Why people stay says a lot about who they are.

  8. If given a choice between Kevin Smith’s Dogma, veggie tales or 15 minutes of the 700 club what do they choose?

    Stance on religion.

  9. When they were home sick from school did they watch The Price is Right, The View or The Young and The Restless?

    I think this choice tells a lot about how people argue and perceive the world around them.

  10. Where would they place in the 1990’s game show “Shop Til’ you Drop” with any other character?

    Relationship compatibility.


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