The Boston Red Sox home opener is tomorrow and I am relatively excited for it despite the fact that I have paid no attention (None) to them during Spring Ball. Part of me is going to blame it on the Celtics (Basketball usually is my transition sport into baseball)  for being unable to sustain my sports interest in the winter months. I’ve spent the last two months experiencing a reprieve from sports and I lost track of time. All of that being said, I’m happy to get back into baseball.

Now my hierarchy of sports usually goes Football>Basketball>Baseball. But ever since I have moved back to Massachusetts, Baseball has a little more significance. I spent a lot of last summer navigating through Cape League and making the occasional trip up to Boston to watch a Sox game.

Take a look at some of the shots from a game my dad and I went to last Spring.

Part of me wants to write a preview (because I haven’t done a sports post in a grip) but the other part of me wants to not (quite frankly). As i said earlier, I haven’t paid a lick of attention to the Sox (or baseball in general) and I have no original thought that could be worth reading on the subject. If I were to write anything about them right now it would just be a regurgitation of facts from ESPN, SI, Yahoo and some random stats site. So I’m not.

I guess the point of this was just to express a desire to see what’s going to happen tomorrow and how this team will rebound from their monumentally historic turn around last season. Are you going to be rooting for any team in particular this season?



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