Suddenly the outside got white again. It’s nearly April. How can this still be happening? (Rhetorical question – I have no interest in getting into a conversation about that).

With a house full of people (everyone’s work is closed or cancelled this morning, I don’t really know what to do. My groove has been hampered (not really). I guess the one thing I can do is figure out some music to listen to on this blustery day.


It just came on via Pandora and I found a little irony in the name. I was staring at a white blank page and looking at a back yard that is one big white blur. Seemed fitting.


I know, a little too literal.


I could post these things all day. It’s probably a good time to stop (and find more songs).

I think the positive thing to one last snow storm is one last chance to take some snow pictures (and after pictures)…


I had to let him dry off after the featured picture.


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