When I left to Albuquerque in 2005 I left some of my stuff back in Massachusetts to other people because I couldn’t take it with me. One set of things that I left was my weights and fitness equipment, which went on to be co-opted by my dad. He donated things to various schools as a means of cleaning up space in our basement and just in general interest of where he was working.

One of those things was a machine whose name I do not know. I’m not even sure what the exercise is called. I guess it’s some sort of vertical crunch machine. Why don’t I just show a picture.


That big ole clunk of metal (which chewed up the grass in the front yard when I dragged it out back – oops) has been staring at me the entire day. I write in our living room and if I look up from my computer it is just to the right of my line of sight. It has almost been mocking me in a sense. Old is staring at new and it is creating an odd temporal distortion of memories and body shaming (lol).

Part of me thinks if it were to stay out there I would eventually go and use it. The inverse of the out of sight, out of mind mantra is seeing is doing and I’ve found myself with urges all afternoon. Maybe I will create a rousing argument for leaving it there. Or maybe I will just go get another beer. It could go either way.

In the mean time, take a look at this bobble head I put on top of the grill while I was outside.



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