I’ve been spending way more time on Twitter than I usually do. Part of it has been in an effort to get off of Facebook for awhile and Part of it has been a shameless attempt to try to drive up follows for this itty bitty blog of mine. Regardless, in the process I have Twitter accounts I find to be quite awesome for a reason or two. Here is my list:

Favorite Brand:

It’s probably one of the most hilarious things on Twitter. While I love Taco Bell ((who doesn’t? (…healthy people)) I wasn’t aware of their awesome twitter account until I read this story.

Best Beverage:

Personal bias, I had to give them a shout out. Show me the Mini!

Favorite thing to tweet @ on Monday and Tuesday nights:

You know you love this show. Don’t Lie. Liar. Liar!!!!

Best Athlete:

He has the best nickname ever and really has an inspirational account. Good dude.

Favorite arts magazine:


That’s why. It’ll happen one day.

Who do you follow on Twitter? Is this guy one?

See it’s me. #Shamelessplug


Welcome to the empty recesses of my mind! I'm a recent college graduate realizing a Creative Writing degree was a bad idea. Give me a pity like. Or you could check out the about sections (on the front page and about this author page) on my blog to learn a little more about me. Whatever. https://thebohemianrockstarpresents.wordpress.com/

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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