There was a prompt awhile back where we had to talk about a song that reminded us of a certain place or time. I adapted it and wrote about the songs that reflected who I am. I called it “My Musical Memory Set List (Volume One)“. It looks like with today’s prompt I will get to write volume two.

Today’s prompt:

What sort of music was played in your house when you were growing up? What effect, (if any) did it have on your musical tastes?

The better question is what wasn’t played in my house growing up. For a hobby my dad had (and still has) a side DJ business while I was growing up. That, coupled with the fact that both sides of my family (Mom’s family and Dad’s family) both really loved music, had a tremendous impact on my appreciation of music.

(Although it really didn’t do anything for my musical performance acumen – unless I’ve been drinking at a karaoke bar. Then it’s on.)

I think the best way to approach this post, for me, is to shoot you some links of stuff that was played a lot while growing up.

I think a lot of those songs, or those types of songs, were playing in my house growing up (and so much more). A lot of the nineties music I felt like I came into on my own or partially discovered it with my parents.  I’m happy they had such a passion for music. My Dad and I still do this game where we try to guess songs as fast as we can. I think that’s something I will always remember and really value.

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Wow, I think I did this a little too early. If you did this after me comment and I’ll throw in a ping back.

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