So there are two ways for me to answer this prompt:

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

If I am traveling by myself I am more likely to be schedule oriented (sort of) and If I am traveling with someone else I am more likely to go with the flow.

I love traveling by myself for one simple reason: Airports.

Cliche, right? I get there early, get my soda and some M&M’s and sit and watch people. It’s a writing exercise for me. Sometimes I look at all the good in humanity like the opening of Love Actually or I write hypothetical scenes similar to Loki and the Nun (and, just to mention, just after that Bartleby goes into his own Love Actually-esque appreciation for airports). What’s a better chance for a character study than a location with characters from all over the planet?

I once went on a trip with this girl and she laughed at me because I kept striking up conversations with random people. I was more personable in airports than I am in a “real” setting. They just bring something out in me.

When I get to a location I typically either go see everything right away as fast as I can or I linger a bit. The first time I went to Disney I ran all over that park because I was determined to see everything. The second time I savored things. And the third time I worked there (totally different story). The actractions in the location really play a big role in how I approach the trip.

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