The fresh smell of ash overcomes the air
And I take a second to watch them stare.
“Not fair, Not fair, Not fair! I should be there!”

I groaned and then bemoaned, now on my own.
With no one to care and no one to phone,
I begin my journey on lonely stone.

I can never go back. Never. ever.
Words were said and friendships were severed,
Never again will we be together.

I set off to new unknown horizons
Or at least that is what i tell myself.
I lost the one thing that defined my self.

It was stupid: What I said – What I wrote.
I tried to play it off as a bad joke.
But it did not work and everything broke.

It was my life, my higher education
And I was exiled in desperation.

No longer in life was I a Lobo
And that put my pride in a place so low.
Without that, where was I destined to go?

It’s been a very long time since those days.
While my life has changed for the better ways,
Part of me misses who I was back then –
When I thought those sweet times would never end.

Little did I know life was about to begin.

I wrote this poem for the We Drink Because We’re Poets prompt series. Check it out and be sure to read all of the other entries!

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