Singing in the shower and I don’t care who hears –
If it bothers you badly, cover your ears.
Today I am happy and I don’t care who knows;
Step aside world because today anything goes.

I will conquer the crazy,
I will slay the naysayers.
Today I’m so not lazy:
It’s about getting that paper.

So let me sing because I’m king
And I’m on the advance.
Don’t make me mad because you’re sad
I gave you a chance.

Let me have my moment –
Today you do not own it.

My confidence peaks while singing in the shower.
But, if you must know me, ask in another hour.



Welcome to the empty recesses of my mind! I'm a recent college graduate realizing a Creative Writing degree was a bad idea. Give me a pity like. Or you could check out the about sections (on the front page and about this author page) on my blog to learn a little more about me. Whatever.

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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