I’m not really sure if this constitutes as lingering per se, but, since I’m thinking about football today, there is something that is kind of close to the prompt.

I have a habit, during football season, to do my game prep incredibly early. Hypothetically, if we have a 7:00 p.m. game, I could be at our facility as early as noon. That’s insane right? Yes and no.

A portion of it is practical. I like to pack all the supplies and do equipment checks which can take an hour or so depending on where we are going and what time of the season it may be.

Another part is routine. Doing the same things each week adds a level of comfort which makes the game easier to approach. Sitting in the coaches office, screwing around on my computer, is almost cathartic in a sense. There is no one else there. It’s calming.

And the last part is purely anticipation. That happened a lot this past season. How could I sit at home if I had worked all week to do something that was happening that night? I would go insane just sitting there, knowing that I was just waiting to go to the locker room or the stadium. I’d rather wait there and eliminate the middle part.


I also have a tendency to do film inside the coaches office after the game (which probably coincides more with the lingering prompt). That really has practical measures to it. Post-game I typically have a lot of adrenaline and really want to look at the film – although I could drive home and do it there as well. I think the reason I don’t is if I went home it would mean the game was over. When you put so much of your energy and time into something it is hard to let go of it once it is done. I think that’s why I rationalize not going home right away and doing film on the spot (aside from the other practical purposes of just getting the film online).

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