I tried something a little different for this prompt:

I’ve always been an advocate for love. It kind of comes with the job description. If love is out there for everyone then we all have purpose. That’s a very comforting thought to this writer.

This is something all of us can agree on. Good writing leads to good books, good movies, good music and all of that leads to some sort of truth. I think we all have the power to do something like that.

Sport is my religion. I have days when I believe in it more than I believe in most things. I think sport can unite all aspects of society and tear down the walls that restrict our growth as human beings.

There is a saying I always use to rattle off to my dad when he asked why I did something a particular way: “It doesn’t matter how you get to church so long as you pray to the good lord.”

Guns kill people. Knives kill people. Yes, people commit the action. But the action requires a weapon.

I hate having beliefs. Here is why (click the link).

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