A little irony for you, I just finished a week-long attempt to watch American Hustle. It’s funny that the prompt is asking for a time when I was hustled after I just watched a movie about hustling.

I don’t know if I have blacked out stories from my life where I have gotten hustled but I can’t seem to think of anything. There was a period of time when I got back to Albuquerque from Florida and I was trying to find work. The ad said that you could make $20-$30 an hour so i thought it would be worth a shot to apply. When I got there the thing turned out to be one of those pyramid schemes where you sell vacuums to your friends and family. I needed something a little more stable than that – plus my family was out of state and my friends were poor like me. Really that is a story about me almost being hustled and potentially hustling other people.

I guess that will work.

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