I love The Voice. I love the music, the comedy and the emotion that is all present in the show. But if I had to pick something, I would go with the fact that my parents watch it.

A little history about me: I’m the kid that loved bored game night growing up (although my family stopped playing with me after multiple cheating instances), I loved the rare occasions where we would see movies together and I was always down to go to whatever event anyone was having. While I loved my family, I moved across the country after college because I wanted to see who I was. I wanted to be my own person.

Fast forward nine years later and i am back in Massachusetts, living with my parents and finishing up my Bachelor’s degree. My dad works multiple jobs and my mom has to get up early for hers. The thing we do together, the thing we make time to do, is watch The Voice.

They make me laugh. They talk through the whole damn thing. I have no clue how people can watch a singing competition and talk through the entire show. Whenever someone under the age of 19 comes on (and they have a power voice) my mom says “That’s crazy” in this really astonished way that’s kinda sorta aggressive in a sense – like she doesn’t believe it is on the TV and is almost willing to fight it. My dad, being the hobby DJ that he is, likes to comment on the quality of each song (while they are singing it). And the funny thing is each one hushes the other even though they go do the same thing 10 seconds later.

I now hold the remote during the show.

We have our jokes and we do things to make each other laugh. For instance there is that Google play commercial where some sort of Greek music is featured. Without fail my dad get’s up and does this odd dance that resembles Donkey Kong trying to step up stairs. My mother laughs every time. It gets her.

Last season I had to show them how to use Twitter hash-tags. That was a fun experience that typically resulted in my dad rushing to charge his phone with 15 minutes left in the show so he could save his favorite contestant. We also started watching the digital exclusives prior to the show last season – those are always a good way to make my mom cry laughing.

While we haven’t established favorites this year, last year my parents felt vehemently about specific contestants. My mom liked Jacquie Lee,

My dad was #TeamMatthew,

And I thought Holly Henry didn’t get enough off a shot.

I’m sure we will develop new favorites this year but it will be hard for any voice contestant to steal away the spot light from my favorite part of the show: the time i spend laughing with my mom and dad. That’s why I make sure everyone knows what time it is on and that’s why I get whatever writing i have to do done beforehand. Just to savor the moment.


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