When I was younger I used to rant a little bit on Facebook. I’d put everything on blast and be an open book. Facebook was a little smaller back then. People didn’t have this psycho-possessive ideal about what their timeline should feature. If you didn’t want to comment on something you didn’t. No one asked the “why does this matter” question (by the way, the people who ask that question should be shot – does any of this matter?). It was a better time.

This week’s writing prompt made me think about a couple different things but Facebook stuck out to me. To look at it in a bigger scope, social media in general stood out. Social media has affected who I am throughout time. As I’ve gotten older I haven’t been the ranting die-hard that I was on Facebook in my earlier life. I keep things closer to me (unless it is on here then I just let loose) then I have at any other period in my life. I don’t like that.

While I am in school I am living with my parents and I don’t have to work (because my parents are gracious and are allowing me to focus on my education). So, naturally I spend a lot of my time on the computer doing schoolwork, reading and writing. It seems like every day people are getting in trouble for stupid stuff they do on these websites. These little social media platforms, that used to be places where we could share stupid jokes with friends, are now our own personal public relations firms. if we post anything someone can find obscene (or just doesn’t agree with) they can wreck us. Our jobs, our families, and our lives are all up for grabs.

That’s dumb. Isn’t that dumb? I hate that the posting of an opinion now constitutes an action in our society.

As I get older I keep more personal information to the chest and my statuses are quickly becoming retweets/shares, poorly crafted jokes about topical issues, or just links to here (that being said, still follow me on twitter/facebook). I think, being a writer, expression is pretty critical to who I am and the fact that the ability to express whatever I need to is being hampered by things I used to use regularly is concerning to me. It makes me look at who I used to be and reminisce a little bit.  The important thing about age, to me, is recognizing the things that are important to you and keeping them in your life. That’s why i love this blog. It’s random and I try a lot of different things – but it let’s me do something that is important to me.

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