Earlier today I was nominated by another blogger (Jenni, her blog is awesome. Go check it out!) for the Liebster award and I thought I’d talk about me and stuff for a little while.


I had no clue what the rules are so I went on-line to get a bit of guidance. I’m going to be following this set:

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.

3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 300 followers.

5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

Now, what are 11 facts about me that are halfway interesting? Hmmm.

  1. Most times I have no clue what I want to write about, I just know I love to write. Part of me really loves screenplays and part of me expects to venture into journalism once my bachelor’s degree is finished. As for topics, it really comes down to whatever I’m reading about recently. I wouldn’t say my passion goes with the wind. I think it is more of a matter of wanting to get involved in so many things that I find myself doing nothing from time to time (if that makes any sense).
  2. I’m pretty open with the fact that it has taken me forever to finish my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. I started college at the University of New Mexico in 2005 and, nine years later I’m still pursuing this stupid piece of paper (although I only have 20 credits left). My education has taken me from Albuquerque to Orlando (internship), back to Albuquerque (community college) then to Massachusetts and now to New Hampshire (online).
    It has taken me so long for a variety of reasons. Part of it was housed in maturity issues when I first got to Albuquerque, another aspect of it was just a bad work ethic – which really wasn’t the case for me growing up. All of that being said, I wouldn’t change much. If I hadn’t moved so far away right after high school I don’t think I would have had the same life experiences. Those failures shaped me into someone with a lot of stories (a good thing for a writer).
  3. I love SNL. I think the writers and the actors that work on that show are brilliant. I wish I could write for a show like that.
  4. My ideal internship/job locations would be (in no particular order):
    A. ESPN
    B. SNL (see fact 3)
    C. Disney
    D. Rolling Stone
    E. The New York Times
    F. Working for myself
    G. Anywhere that will hire me
  5.  I want to live in Paris and England for a period of my life. I think a lot of writing comes from experience and a portion of that is tied into setting.
  6. Writing makes me confident. Growing up I was the fat kid. While I had friends growing up, kids are not nice to fat kids (regardless of the people they have around them). That led me to have a lot of body issues. At the end of the 9th grade I was 255 pounds and by the end of the 10th grade I got down to as low as 148. There wasn’t any anorexia or bulimia involved in it but I did work out three to four times a day (morning, afternoon, night) and developed a strict calorie regimen.
    It’s funny how the perception of people can shift when you undergo a change like that. Suddenly I had the attention of everyone and that was unbelievable. I thought people were seeing me. But they weren’t. They were seeing a person who lived in the gym.
    My body has gone from fat to skinny stages multiple times since then. The constant shift of being loved and not being loved was a psychological struggle that would have ended me had I not had writing. No matter what I’ve looked like, people respond to my words. That’s important. That, throughout time, has shifted me from being a nihilist to someone who really values experiences and the people I choose to be around. Maybe that’s why I focus so much on writing about love because the idea of a universal truth is comforting to the person i used to be – the person, on a subconscious level, that I write for.
  7. Soccer sucks.
  8. I have an infatuation with hyphens that make editors hate me.
  9. I never want to be an editor again. I know they make more money in journalism, but I just don’t care. I’m a writer. I love and respect all the editors out there (because after being one I have a greater appreciation for things written correctly) but that is just not me. I am about the passion and the emotion.
  10.  My humor is either dry or over the top. There really is no middle ground to my sensibilities.
  11. While I love to read, my perfect rainy day is spent with movies and beer. And Pizza. And Pepsi.

Alright, now it is time to nominate some people. I went on a blogger finding mission and found some new ones that I like. READ THEM!!!!!!!:

  1. http://hoppityfrog.wordpress.com/ – Cool poet, check her out.
  2. http://jbkennington.wordpress.com/ – The title reeled me in and I stayed for the writing style.
  3. http://amkabla.wordpress.com/ – Poetry and home-made dolls? Yes please.
  4. http://whatwehavisthis.wordpress.com/ – Another cool poet with her own style.
  5. http://thegirlwhospeakstoherself.wordpress.com/ – poetry is becoming a trend with my nominations (but this is a good one).
  6. http://dagray3.wordpress.com/ – One more cool poet.
  7. http://geofortean.wordpress.com/ – A blog with an awesome name and kind of follows an eclectic sensibility of doing a lot of different things.
  8. http://nordie.wordpress.com/- I have to get a good book blog on here.
  9. http://threesticksofwatusi.wordpress.com/ – I had to get a movie blogger on here (even if she only gave Zoolander 3 out of 5 stars).
  10. http://shamelessrants.wordpress.com/ – who doesn’t love a good shameless rant? No one. They are awesome.
  11. http://lifelessonsfromsomebodyelse.wordpress.com/ – Last but not least, gotta have some life lessons.

Note to nominees: Don’t feel compelled to respond. I guess some people don’t like these things. But I thought your blog was cool and wanted to get you a link.

Questions for you:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why do you write?
  3. What do you write?
  4. Is this a hobby or something you want to turn into a career?
  5. Favorite book and/or movie?
  6. Amount of times people have told you they hate your favorite book and/or movie.
  7. Does product placement make tv shows or movies less credible? (I’ve been thinking about that more and more sense the Oscar selfie)
  8. What is your opinion on selfies?
  9. Name one person you hate and one person you love and what they would talk to each other about at a party.
  10. Do you love what you do?
  11. What is the one thing you are addicted to and do not want to consider living without?

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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