While part of me is lying there is another part of me that can never just sit down and write. I have to get to a place. There needs to be a little literary foreplay. My senses need to be tweaked (pinched and poked). For example:

If I am going to write for more than half an hour (or I know that I will be at the computer for more than half an hour) the snacks better be present. Acceptable drinks are (in the following order); Pepsi, Blue Moon Mountain Abbey Ale (it tastes like making love to a beautiful woman on a cloud, next to a fire while dipped in caramel sauce – I tweeted that to them yesterday), vitamin water, anything else.

Acceptable snacks (also in the following order) are as follows; Chocolate covered blueberries, Cape Cod Potato Chips – the cheddar kind, Raisinets, Snow caps, Mint m&m’s, anything else.

And while nourishment (or crack for my digestive tract – there wasn’t much nourishment in either list) is important, there are other prevailing factors that can ruin a writing excursion for me.

The temperature is critical. If it’s too cold I get stiff. If it’s too warm I can’t focus. There needs to be an equilibrium.

What I am wearing is also a factor. I’ve spent the majority of my life working in some sort of athletic venue. Sweats are not what I wear they are an extension of my self. Obviously if i am doing journalism or any other professional writing (publicly) I can go the whole business casual route. But if I am working from home, you best damn believe that I will be rocking some sort of sweat pant or athletic short. That’s just the way it is.

Like everyone else in the whole freaking world my audio senses need to be lightly cupped during the entire process. Lately I’ve been going with Pandora (singer/songwriters, blues, 90’s) but Netflix and regular programming are also stables of which I can revert.

And even if all of those external factors are sufficient, sometimes I just need to get my head right. That could mean I spend time surfing  the internet, playing on my phone or camera, or hoping on the sticks and playing a game or two. It all varies depending on mood.

I prefer nighttime writing (although I am writing in the day more and more) because everyone is asleep and the external noise (other people in the house, stuff outside) is at a minimum.

Oh! My finger nails can’t be long. I hate that while typing. It doesn’t feel right.

In reality, there isn’t much more that goes into me getting on the keys. I really do love writing, it’s just things have to be right in order for it to work for me sometimes. Then again, looking back over this post, it’s fucking shocking i get any writing done at all.

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