This writing challenge is a continuation of an earlier photo challenge on The Daily Post. While I didn’t use the exact same photos I used in the first challenge, they follow the same concept.

The air grew still as the two of them stared each other down.


Sage (Left) and Profit (Right) prepare to battle.

Sage: You bear no chance against me Profit. Give up now or die in battle!

Profit: Your words are in haste Profit. You have no clue how my strength has progressed.


Profit: I will avenge the death of my brother Pharrell and you will know the power of the Desmond family!

Sage: Ha! Child. You may have grown  but you do not know the true power I hold.

Profit: Enough!

Profit lunges forward and strikes Sage.

DSC07293Their weapons strike and the battle rages forward. Sage readies an attack but Profit’s sword pierces his defense and Sage falls from his tower.

Sage (on the ground): No! How can I be van… vanquished so… so easily?

Profit: You shouldn’t have betrayed me Sage.

Sage’s eyes close and his body grows limp. Profit hops off his podium and checks Sage’s body. With no signs of life left in Sage, Profit takes Sage’s weapon to bring to his men. They no longer have to worry about this menace.

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