The prompt:

They looked through the stack of RSVPs and decided to cancel the event.

The story:

“I can’t believe anyone responded!” Hannah said with a despondent tone that mimicked the state of existence of our engagement party.

“Maybe it was just a bad date. What else is going on then?” I asked, trying to resolve the situation and bring just a smidge of life back into her face.

She grabbed her phone and scrolled through the calendar.

“I can’t find anything.” Hannah threw herself on the couch and stared up at me.

“There has to be something we can do,” I thought aloud.

“What the fuck can we do Adam?” Hannah brazenly answered.

Silence came upon us as we realized the plight of our situation. No one cared and we were left in the cold. What does that say about our impending union? How we responded to this would determine who we were.

“Fuck them,” I said in a half-hearted manner that grew in confidence the moments after saying it. “Let’s go to Vegas. Get married now.”

Hannah smiled.

Written for the Write Now prompt series.


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