A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with my parents about the musical nature of my dad’s family. it seems like everyone plays an instrument or sings songs. Somehow we got into the subject of who would do what in the event we formed a family band. Our hypothetical conversation was fun for a period of moments, up to the point where my dad said something to the effect of “And, naturally, you would do the sound.”

Shock overcame my body for a moment. The very fiber of my creative being was slapped in the face. For a brief moment I thought about writing my state representative at the injustices I faced. Why was I being regulated to the sound?

He and I have a small DJ business (hobby is a better word, at this point) and we can set up a gig pretty quickly. I’m assuming that is where his train of logic grew from. But I would like to be given a bit more credit than that!

I can’t sing. I know this. My family knows this. Various patrons in Karaoke bars that I sometime frequent know this. Does that have to regulate me to sound board status so quickly though? I can write. Everyone needs songs. I can MC, I can manage, I can promote, I can run the fucking social media. I can do PR! Did I say I can write?

Why just sound?

We probably will never get an answer in regards to my allotment in the family band camp draft. I’ve come to terms with it (even if I still don’t agree).

Are you in your hypothetical family band?

Check out the post this little rambling was inspired by.

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Accomplished | Rima Hassan



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