Typically (throughout history) I am all about the NFL Combine right now. I set the refresh on ESPN and the NFL Network to every 30 seconds and I make excuses to go to a bar and get in front of a tv that is showing the workouts. This is the start of the new NFL year. And damn those who make me miss it.

That being said, I’m having trouble getting into it this year. We don’t have ESPN or the NFL Network at my house and none of the bars where I live are true sports bars – It just doesn’t feel right.

A couple of weeks ago I read a blogger who did a mock draft and, momentarily, I really wanted to do one. I hadn’t done one in ages. The last two I did were back when I went to CNM and had the power to subject the paper to my whimsy. And while I was excited to get into doing one for a day I remembered why I hate doing mock drafts: I never get them right!

Here’s the thing: I can sit and watch every minute of this combine. I can read all the insider articles from journalists and I can map everything out on a big pretty white board and play GM for the months of February, March and April. But, do I have any clue what is going on? Hell no.

Of all the times I have done this I consistently hover around a ten percent accuracy rate. That’s about 3-4 picks right. Out of 32.

The thing about this whole process is these boards are constantly changing. If I ever wanted to do this process correctly I would have to make 4-5 mock drafts in order to account for player movement across various periods.

Who has that time (aside from paid sports journalists/bloggers)?

Honestly, if I was less busy I would probably do it. But this spring I have been really focusing on school and developing my writing/photography. Does that mean I didn’t watch Clowney run his 40? No. It just doesn’t mean I am going to watch it 20 times.


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