My family really loves The Voice.

I love it, my dad loves it and even my mom stays up to watch the show. My sister said she doesn’t care for it, but she is away at school so she doesn’t count.

I’m psyched that the show is back tonight. I’ll miss Christina and Cee-Lo (btw, it sucks that he openly said he isn’t returning to the show) but I am really stoked for Shakira and Usher. I’m excited to see how they do in their second go around with the show.

I’m bout to pull myself away from this screen and go get some things done before show time (i.e. find take out and beer) and then settle down to watch the show and how things unfold on social media. The show announced a bit earlier that Blake and Adam are switching Twitter handles for the opening episode.

Most of all I’m excited to start connecting to contestants. While the stories can seem formulaic at times, I really get wrapped up into the emotions of the moment. I think that is one of the big keys to the show.

Plus I am excited to see more performances like this:

Are you going to watch?


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