Tape typically doesn’t last long in my house.

Blue Tape

When I get bored or am just watching tv or a movie I like to roll little pieces of tape into action figures. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was a kid.


I know it’s a bit stupid, but it is something to do to kill the time. And, growing up, it really was an outlet for creativity.


In a couple of weeks they typically end up to be torn or mangled into some type of tape ball. They’re fun for awhile though. I always like them. They always make me think of legos. The options were/are endless so long as there is enough tape.


It’s funny. I was thinking about ideas for this challenge and found myself playing with the tape. When I decided to actually go with this idea I felt just like a little kid again, creating backstories and plot lines to go along with each figurine – I almost went with that instead of the explanation (still might add it in).

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