There’s a little game I play with myself now. With each day of new snow in Massachusetts I think of a new place I could live, devoid of foul weather (aside from the irregular rain storm because they can be fun to go walking in). My go-to is Paris, but I’ve day dreamed of Venice, parts of Mexico, Los Angeles, Back to the Magic Kingdom and other various warm locales.

I was going to go outside and take pictures of the snow (and shamelessly plug for likes) but what is falling now is this snow/rain mix that screams “this is way too cold and uncomfortable to even think about venturing out into.”

I think, once I finish up what’s left of my SNHU work, I am going to go upstairs and watch a film to review (12 Years a Slave and Nebraska both released on the PlayStation store today). I might even clean while doing it too (although that would border on being an overly productive person).

Anyways, this is a shot of a little bench on our patio. I thought it looked cute.



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