The humanities prompt for week six focused on what art discipline spoke the most to you. Naturally I picked literature.

I focused a bit on poetry, specifically Shakespeare’s sonnet 116. I wrote for awhile on it (even citing a bit from the linked post above) but after a little bit (1200-plus words) I finally was able to talk about “how I feel”:

How I feel about this poem

“Nor no man ever loved” are big words to me. When people talk to me about this poem they often call it Shakespeare’s portrayal of true love; and, while this may be splitting hairs, I see it more as a refferendum on how to love. I think I’ve illustrated how the poem works so I want to end with a couple of words on how the poem affects me while reading/reciting it. First, this poem was meant to be recited. Listen to the K’s and the other hard syllables. Then think about how they contrast with some of the softer M’s, N’s and D’s. There is a contrast that is palpable. You can feel it in your spine and taste it on your lips. That contrast of sounds and sensations hammer home Shakespeare’s in-text points.

Ok, I’m making this much too hard. The poem, to me, reinforces a timeless, fate-driven (or providence, if you’re religious) concept of love that really appeals to me. I’m an idealist and I love the notion that love is not time’s fool. At the time when all seems lost the true direction will take shape. While the cynic and the nihilist in me screams during portions of the poem, I always smile when I read it. That feeling of warmth is something that has always made m appreciate this poem.



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