Like the title says, I’ve been alone for a little bit now: part of it by choice and part of it by circumstance. This week’s writing prompt, which I have really enjoyed doing lately, is about valentines and, after reading a couple, I guess I am in the counter-culture.

I love Valentine’s Day. I (would) see it as a challenge. If you are with a person and you have a day where you can do whatever you want to make them feel loved, who wouldn’t jump at that opportunity? Maybe I am naïve, maybe I am an idealist or maybe I have read one too many romantic/gothic portrayals of undying love: but if I have a chance to show a person how much I love them, well I am going to super-date the ass out of valentines day.

I think having a fun valentines day is centered around perceptions and expectations. If you expect to be wowed, wooed and woah-ed then it is going to be a hell of a lot harder to live up to your impossibly high standards. Go into V-day with the only objective being to be present in the presence of the other person. If you can do that, the day will be whatever you make of it.

I think a portion of the night depends on being creative, figuring out what each person will respond to and adding in some facet of that to the night. Of course valentines day is going to feel stale with chocolates, a movie and an under/overcooked dinner at an overly crowded restaurant. To show love for a person you have to know what a person loves.

I see the argument where people point to valentines day as a ploy to drive up profits. I get that. I think my only negative criticism of the day is that showing love and giving love shouldn’t be centered on one day. If we put the effort some of us put into valentines day during each day of our relationships would anyone be with the person they are with now? That’s a question that really is specific to each person.

For me, well, I am writing now. I like my isolation because it is allowing me to focus on other things (like school) I didn’t really focus on when I was pursuing relationships. That doesn’t mean I still don’t have an appreciation for this day. At my heart I am a romantic. At my core I am the dude who delivers the Harry speech at the end of the movie.

I love Valentine’s Day. And I am not embarrassed to say that.

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