Wrote this for my RHV project. The whole story bugs me.

Remembering Homicide Victims

I struggle with what to do with this site sometimes. Obviously we want our RHV network to be a place where people can come and talk about their loved ones, tell us their stories and raise awareness of their cases. But with the bigger we become, the more voice our site has. I often wonder if we should be taking stands on causes.

While I wouldn’t call the following a “cause” it is something I want to comment on. Recently I read a Huffington Post article detailing how George Zimmerman is interested in fighting Kanye West as part of his celebrity boxing match. I’m really stunned at the fact this is a thing.

Regardless of the verdict in the case, George Zimmerman killed someone. That does not make him a celebrity. That does not make him someone to aspire to. Society should not let someone like this have any more…

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