Like the title says, last night I watched “One Day“, the Lone Scheifrig directed film staring Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway, and “The Hangover: Part 3“, starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakiss.

Honestly, I wouldn’t classify either film as “Must See.” Part 3 was funny. I dig Zach G’s character.

And there were a lot of really fun parts

But it didn’t hit me the way the first one did. If you have two hours and want to spend that time laughing, it definitely is a viable option. But is this the next movie you have to see? Fuck no.

I thought “One Day” might be. I watched that after and was enthused at the basic premise of the story – the movie looks at a two people during the same day (July 15) across the span of more than twenty years. The film just never quite did it for me. I loved “When Harry met Sally” and even “A lot like love.” This movie just never quite had that feel to it. Plus the ending just rips your freaking heart out.

So I woke up disappointed and surrounded by snow (for what has been here for seemingly a month now). Tonight, I intend to find something new to watch. Hopefully I will have something to write about tomorrow.


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