There are many reasons people hate the FF13 series and all of them seem like noise to me. I liked the story line, I thought the game play was fine. Could the series have ended with the first? Yes. Was 13-2 ripe with the themes of Chrono Trigger? Yes. Do I Care? No. Is that train of logic the reason a portion of you have to sit through new chapters to this story? Probably.

I downloaded the game about two days ago and, once I played it, was promptly done in 10 minutes. It’s a very quick demo that’s pretty much a playable version of a portion of the trailer. There isn’t much more added on to the story line that we don’t already know: the main reason for playing the demo is to get a feel for the game’s controls – which I am up in the air about.

I’m sure after 50 hours of playing the game I won’t give a fuck about the controls and they will have become second nature, but, as of right now, the game feels like a mash-up of the Com/Rav/Sen system and the way FF10-2 was laid out. And I didn’t really like FF10-2

On one hand, I kind of like the fact that spells regenerate on their own (meaning you don’t really need ethers). On the other hand, the constant switching between costumes is something that will take getting used to (but, in all honesty, could be fun as time progresses).

As of right now, I haven’t pre-ordered the game although I am leaning towards it. the bottom line of it all is I want to see how the story ends. I’ve been invested in it all up to this point and I can’t stop now.

I do not know If I want to recommend the game at this point. Of all the games in the series this seems to be the one to me that could potentially be the most lacking (I was never impressed with a lot of the screenshots). Maybe I will have to do a follow-up post when (if) I get the game.


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