Because I am taking a history course this semester I am more attune to what is going on politically at the moment. And, of course, what is bigger than the State of the Union tonight?

What I want to do with this little post is highlight things that I like throughout the President’s speech, along with things I’ve found on Twitter throughout the telecast.

Without further adieu:

I’m always a sucker for education (considering I’ve been in it for nearly the last decade). All the assertions about Pre-K all the way to developing a college opportunity for many Americans.

President Obama also announced initiatives taken to get internet access to all students in k-12 education. A move that won’t add a dime to the deficit, he announced.

I love everything he said in regards to equal pay for women in the workplace.  It’s ridiculous that in 2014 that people cannot have equal pay for doing equal things. There was also a line about how policies regarding women in the workplace shouldn’t resemble a Mad Men episode. Think Progress made the following Meme:

mad men line

The subject of higher wages also got a big applause, and why shouldn’t it. Interesting fact on the federal minimum wage from the president. I had no clue that it is worth 20 percent less than it was when Regan stood at the podium.

The Obamacare act really got a lot of applause when talking about pre-existing conditions. It really was an interesting assessment of how people having health insurance are affecting the realm of politics. Taking it away from your constituents would have disastrous effects to their ability to get re-elected. It kind of shows how things can effect other things with one bill.

A lot of time was also spent on global issues like Iran obtaining a nuke. I haven’t spent a lot of time looking over every issue throughout the past day – so it is interesting that so much time was spent on the topic.

Great moment: the president took time to recognize Army Ranger Cory Remsburg. An Army Ranger trying to recover from injuries sustained in Afghanistan. He got a standing ovation that was the longest of the night.

Ok, I’m going to go listen to reaction from the media outlets. Did you watch the event? What do you think?




What do you think? Do you agree? Do you love it? Or am i a complete tool? Any response is welcome!

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