This one is hard. I can’t point to anything directly. Does that make me a jackass? Am I evil?

If I have to write about something I think I would talk about creating Remembering Homicide Victims. A friend of mine lost her fiancé by a stray bullet and I did what I could to tell their story in my school paper.

After writing that clarification piece I went with members of their family to local media outlets to help tell the correct story of what happened.

Once all of that was done things settled down for a little bit. But, after a little while, my friend told me she wanted to create a place where the family and friends of homicide victims could get together and talk, grieve, memorialize and bring awareness to their stories. So we started to create a network.

As of right now we have the Facebook page that I linked, a Twitter page and a WordPress blog. We do our best to provide a place for people to talk and we have even done a community outreach event (when we both lived in Albuquerque). Giving people a place to heal and figure out how to find some sort of justice for their loved one is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done – which is pretty nice.


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