What makes this prompt interesting to me isn’t the prospect of analyzing my appearance, although I could give you 500 words on that, it’s about looking at the person in the mirror and the perception I have of him.

There is a quote from the movie Happythankyoumoreplease where Josh Radnor is in a bar with another guy and talks about something his friend used to say. It was something along the lines of “Every five years, I look back and think about what a douche I was five years ago.” Whenever I look into a mirror I kind of have a similar feeling; I think about things like where would I be if I had finished school on time, would I have figured it out had I not went to Disney, who would I be if I hadn’t been exposed to certain situations, who would I be if I didn’t stay in Albuquerque those last six months?

The answer to all of those questions: I have no clue. I’m happy with who I am. For the first time in awhile, I’m happy and enthused with the track that I am on. That has to mean something.


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