I took the last two days to. well, sulk at the prospect of being sent home before the Super Bowl. Like everyone else has written in their year end analysis, the Patriots showed a lot of heart, determination and perseverance this year and, in my opinion, Bill Belichick’s coaching job should earn him Coach of the Year honors.

But all of that isn’t what I want to look at. The Patriots have holes and those holes have to be filled. Here is where the priorities lie:

  1. Defensive Tackle: This is the glaring hole for the team. Obviously they did not intend to play the tackles they ended the season with, but who will be manning the interior defensive line parts next season is definitely a cause for concern. Will Willfork or Kelly be back? And, if they are back for the start of the season, to what level will they be able to play? They are big dudes with lower body injuries. Those are not always the easiest to come back from.
  2. Offensive Line: While I think the left side of our offensive line is solid, I do not like the Center, Right Guard or Right Tackle. While the Patriots have done a good job with these players and have obviously gotten the most out of them, I think this is an area that drastically needs to be improved (especially if TB12 wants to end his career on his own terms).
  3. Wide Receiver: This is the obvious one. While there is a school of thought that the young guys on the roster should be able to preform well after a second year of development, no one on the roster is an intimidating factor. They need a dude. A priority this off-season should be signing free agent Eric Decker.

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