I’m pissed.

I updated my computer a couple of days ago because I was sick of the incessant reminders I was getting when I logged in.

Computer: “Nick, update to windows 8.1 for free.”

Me: “Sure computer.”

What could go wrong? I figured there would be cool new features that would add to the already pleasurable experience I was having with windows 8. What I didn’t know was the laundry list of glitches and bugs people had been experiencing with the updated software.

To be real, I haven’t had it as bad as others. I can still go on the internet, my computer doesn’t randomly shut off, and my screen isn’t blurred. The problem I am having revolves around video.

I can’t open anything inside the desktop portion of the platform and looking at video online is a relative joke (although YouTube will eventually load if I refresh the screen a couple of times). I keep getting a “Driver software…” prompt that I can not find any clear solutions to online. If I don’t fix it soon, I may be heading to best buy.

Lesson of today: Don’t update your operating system without doing research on the update.

Suggestion to anyone who comes across this post: Don’t update to Windows 8.1 unless you are absolutely certain. Have a professional look at it (not your neighbor’s kid).


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