If I could fast forward to any day in the future I would fast forward to my wedding day – because I want to know who she is.

I’d wear a hat, sit in the back, and wouldn’t say a word to a soul.

I’d watch how happy we are. I’d detail the ways I make her smile and gawk at how beautiful she is walking down the aisle.

I’d take mental photographs of our friends, dancing and drinking, celebrating what we found. I’d take note of where we are and why we picked that place to be around.

I would revel in her beauty, I would bask at her intellect and laugh at her jokes.

If I could fast forward to any day in the future it would be my wedding day. Because when I rewind that tape I will go to wherever she is and tell her jokes, bask in her beauty, have an amazing conversation, laugh and love her.

Where’s the remote?

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