during the weekend I sat and watched a bunch of football like most people. And I’m going to admit that the previews for the Bruno Mars halftime show I got a little excited.

This halftime show might not suck.

Ever since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, the Super Bowl halftime show just hasn’t been the same. It has been getting better in recent years (excluding the Madonna travesty), but the level of popular culture relevance (outside of Beyoncé or the Black Eyed Peas) has not been there. At the very least, this Super Bowl halftime show will be decent.

Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction

Looking past the potential of awesomeness for this year’s show, a thought has entered my head: would Janet’s bare breast have the same impact that it would have now as it had then?

While Miley’s nips didn’t slip, she did grind up on Robin Thicke so much that social media’s “mind” exploded (among probable other things potentially exploding).


Or how about R. Kelly dry humping Gaga on SNL?


Wait, you need to watch that and be uncomfortable (or turned on, whatever).

Go back to the top and look at that picture of Mrs. Nasty. It’s not so bad.

Here, watch the video:

That did not warrant six years of subpar halftime performances. Take a look at some of the following things we had to endure:

it started to get better at this point (minus the Madonna one).


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