I told myself last weekend that I would write a blurb, at the very least, on the playoffs. Now, less than eight hours before the first scheduled game of the weekend, I should probably get on that.

Saturday’s Games

AFC: Kansas City (11 – 5) versus Indianapolis (11 – 5), 4:35 PM ET.

The AFC is so even (which is why I will eventually rationalize the Patriots getting to the Super Bowl in some fashion. A cursory glance at these two teams shows no significant personnel flaws. Whenever that happens it comes down to who do you feel more comfortable with?

In an loss to San Diego last week the Chiefs rested the majority of their playmakers and still forced the game into overtime – which was rather impressive.

In contrast, the Colts have won three straight coming into this game including handling the Chiefs in the middle game of that stretch.

All that being said, I am going to go with the Chiefs. Good coaches find some sort of chink in the armor of a team the second time they play them and Andy Reid is a good coach. I think this game will expose Indianapolis’ lack of a running game.

Chiefs 24, Colts 21

NFC:  New Orleans (11-5) versus Philadelphia (10-6) 8:10 PM ET

I love fast paced offenses. I just ended my first year coaching under one with the high school team I work with. It puts the defense on edge and forces them to make quick decisions – which allows the offense to exploit those choices.

Both of these teams are like that. I watched Phili’s game versus Dallas last week and when they are on they are just impossible to stop. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t seen a Saints game this season – Drew Brees is still on the roster. We all know what they are going to do, and we know they will do it well.

I think Jimmy Graham will dominate this game. The dude is the focal point of the Saints O. The defense has to find creative ways to bracket him and, looking at the two rosters, I think the Eagles D is a bit over-matched.

Saints 31, Eagles 21

Sunday’s Games

AFC: San Diego (9-7) versus Cincinnati (11-5) 1:15 PM ET

There is a stat line that jumps out in this one. Cinci is 8-0 at home and the Chargers are 4-4 on the road. That’s a significant stat.

The drawback Cinci faces, however, are their turnovers – Dalton threw 20 interceptions in the regular season.  I tried to find the stat line for quarterbacks in the playoffs after throwing 20 pics in the regular season but it was unavailable. I’m assuming it isn’t good though.

That being said, I like Cinci. Their defense is dirty .

Cinci 27, San Diego 20

NFC: San Francisco (12-4) versus Green Bay (8-7-1)

The return of Aaron Rodgers makes this game a bunch more interesting than it would without him. In games with A. Rodg, the Packers are 6-3 (compared to 2-4-1 without him).

Unfortunately the discount double check champion does not play defense.

Green Bay is in the bottom 10 in points allowed per game and total yards allowed.

In a game that will most likely gain a moniker in the likes of “The ice Bowl” or “The Snow Bowl,” San Francisco is going to run the ball down Green Bay’s throat.

San Francisco 21, Green Bay 20


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