I don’t have a big moral or ethical ideal as to whether or not honesty is always the best policy. For me it relies in more of an instinctual reaction. When I find out that I have been lied to, about anything, I feel betrayed. Even if it is in the best interest of me.

That’s one of those phrases that always seems like pure rhetoric. If someone is doing something in the best interest for you, like shielding you from an unwanted comment, isn’t there an unspoken condescension in their action? Is doing something in someone’s best interest an act of selflessness or an act of self gratification?

There are no selfless acts, in my opinion. Every selfless act is done knowing some other person will benefit from the action  and knowing that fact is the only motive for doing any selfless act.

Going back to the truth/lies aspect, I’d cast my ballot for honesty. It seems easier.


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