I’ve started reading a new book. An old book. A (new-to-me) old book; Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina.”

Now, I’m 20 pages (excluding the introduction) in and am really into his style. I haven’t read much western European literature so I didn’t really know what I was/am getting myself into – aside from having a cursory knowledge of the novel.

I think I’ll write snippets on the book after each phase (it feels like the natural stopping point) so I am not on here giving breakdowns of every chapter, which are only a couple pages long.

The search to find clips resumes today. I believe I will have the house to myself and can peruse the finer parts of the house undisturbed. Once I get that down, I can start to revise it all.

Lastly, tomorrow is my birthday and the end of the year. I kind of want to lock myself away and just write the entirety of the day. My head has been rather clear lately and I think I know where I want to take “Not For Long” and other works.

Its either that or I can sneak liquor into the movie theater and hop around from flick to flick all day. There are a bunch of things I want to see. I could take notes and do reviews afterward! I’m getting excited at the prospect of that.

I’m excited for the playoffs to start. I think predicting each game could be fun. – obviously it will work out with the Patriots winning in some way or fashion – but it could still be fun.

Off to make breakfast. And be, like, productive or something.


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