While I haven’t checked out all the features of the DVD (I actually got the Blu-Ray. It’s the first movie in a while that I haven’t downloaded), I dug the latest installment of X-Men related movies, “The Wolverine.”

The premise of the movie deals with Logan (Hugh Jackman) travelling to Tokyo to say goodbye to an old friend -Yashida, played by  Hal Yamanouchi – on his deathbed that he once saved more than 60 years ago.

While there Logan gets roped into protecting Yashida’s granddaughter Mariko (Tao Okamoto) who Is sought for abduction after her grandfather’s passing. The only kicker is Logan has lost his power of regeneration because of a masking chemical he was given by the evil mutant chemist Yiper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) while in the Yashida home.

The rest of the story focuses on uncovering Viper’s motives, making sure Mariko stays alive to inherit her grandfather’s company, and finding a way to reverse the affects of the masking chemical that has rendered Logan’s regenerative capabilities obsolete.

Why you should rent or buy this movie:

It’s a cool fish out of water story that is aesthetically enhanced by the different backdrops of Japan. While I am not a die-hard Marvel fanboy, I really dig the writing in the film. There is this interwoven theme of Logan being compared to a Ronin – a samurai without a master/cause – and the intermittent inserts of Logan talking to an ethereal Jean Gray give him an emotional depth that is present throughout the entirety of the  film.

Why you should buy the movie:

It has some cool features. There is a second screen app that lets you do a bunch of things (I haven’t tried them yet, but they looked interesting in the trailers), and there are one or two behind the scenes featurettes – things I always dig whenever I actually buy a DVD/Blu-ray.


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