We all saw that story about the executive who made the inane comments about Africa get fired (or mutually part ways with her company). What she said was hurtful and made a lot of people upset – much like what Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty said to GQ, although it wasn’t over social media. The two stories, however, share similarities that have gotten me thinking: Can you have a social media account and do anything important?

This question is something that I have toyed with during the past couple of days. I was curious how many employers make employees adapt their social media habits once they are employed. There is hardly anything out there that is really clear about employers can regulate and can’t regulate. It’s like one big grey cloud. Something that made sense to me came off of this site, they said:

If you choose to regulate off-duty usage of social media, state that the policy applies to all social media communications, even those made at home on a personal computer, as long as the communications pertain to the functioning of the District. If an employee’s profile on Facebook, for example, states that he or she is employed by the District, a connection is established between the employee’s Facebook activities and the District. The closer the connection, the more the District can regulate the employee’s activities on social media.

If an employee’s page is littered with “I work for (company X)” posts or information, and then they go say outrageous shit online, obviously the thing said is going to be more inflammatory to the company’s image. Yet even so, if the things said are not associated with the company and are on the employee’s own time, does your employer have the right to discipline you because of it?

Kansas has already taken steps to do that in the realm of academics.

I found multiple sites saying that employers have a right to regulate what they see fit, but with more regulation comes more risk in violating privacy laws.

With all of this acceptable restriction of personal voice, are we venturing into a world of regulated (voluntary) slavery?

Maybe that is putting it a little too forcefully, but I think there is some sort of connection there.

What do you think?





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