I’m typically a pretty chill person but there are times, especially in the heat of a game, where I know what rage is or can be.

This year was my first season coaching football and there are points in the game when something happens and your body elicits an almost primal reaction. It’s something that rarely ever happens to me off of the football field. But when I see a ref make a bad call or one of my guys just flat out dogs it on the field, it’s almost an instinctual what the fuck moment – a period of time in which every fiber of your being needs to know why what just happened actually happened. If that makes any sense at all.

It happens with missed calls the most (for me). If I see anything resembling a clip, I just yell clip – to any ref willing to listen. I don’t know if it is my unconscious mind trying to work the refs to my favor or if I honestly believed the play just happened. I just do it.



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