First off, read the article. You can do that here.

Now, if I am being honest, I don’t give a shit about this story. I just don’t care. But it is littered on my feed and I have nothing to do so I am going to write a thought or two.

  • To all the advocacy groups and supporters that have taken a moral umbrage to the words this dude said, go back and read some of his quotes in the story:

    “We’re Bible-thumpers who just happened to end up on television,” he tells me.”

    Did you really expect this guy to be tolerant? Did you ever look at the characters in pictures or clips for the show and think “those people have a progressive outlook on life.” Fuck no. So why are we making a big deal about this? File it in the rednecks saying stupid shit folder and move on.

  • This is not a first-amendment issue. This man represents a product in a company and most likely signed (willingly) his ability to speak, on whatever topic he sees fit, away when the network started paying his family 200k per episode. He is a salesman selling a product. You can’t go to your job and start yelling fuck (insert whatever group here). You, too, would face discipline.

I am a supporter of all people’s rights, which some people call entitlement (judging by the article) – a word that bastardizes humanity – and a staunch supporter of the first amendment. The thing that really perplexes me about this story, though, is this really the place to have that conversation?  Do we have to wage that war inside of the pop culture realm just to get people to pay attention? Why can’t people start to uproar at the countless stories that come across our collective TV screens every night on the 11:00 p.m. news? All this specific story can ever be is a tasking ordeal of folly that we will forget about in roughly three weeks (i.e. Paula Deen).

So why should we keep caring?



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